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Mission: realizes the value of providing excellent service providers to our client base.  We realize thriving economies are the result of stable businesses providing honest, reliable, and excellent services to those in their community.  We personally meet with each sponsor to see the level of their expertise and credibility resulting in our commitment to acknowledge their presence throughout our beautiful state of Colorado through the following key areas of focus:

Sponsorship Ads – Providing a digital platform for local businesses to promote their services on  Each sponsorship add is placed on this section of the add or the specific areas services requested by our sponsors.  Sponsor ad consists of business contact information, logo, and social media link provided by sponsors to be displayed on sections of this webpage.  Additional Sponsorship adds can be provided for an additional charge such as short 1 minute commercials aired on this webpage for a duration of time (Videos must be provided by specific business requesting ad to be ran on this webpage with proper approval from our offices).  

Recommendations:  If interested in advertising your businesses sponsor ad video we recommend providing us your logo and social media platforms to direct customers to your services.  Our offices can create innovated social media for an additional charge.  Contact our offices for more information. 

Business Acknowledgement – We strive to promote our sponsors throughout our community as we brand this exciting opportunity throughout our great state of Colorado.  We recommend providing reviews for each sponsor to inform the community of their excellent services to their community.  

Strategic Collaboration – Prior to advertising with our offices we focus on successful collaboration on developing effective marketing strategies to continue to grow local businesses.  Our offices offer free initial consultation of other services that could increase local business through a variety of services offered by  Contact our offices for more information.

Ongoing Promotion and Customer Feedback – Throughout the year our sponsor program will allow sponsors access to discounted pricing and opportunity to access social marketing events, special promotional clips, and other strategic areas to expand their services to our great state of Colorado.  More information will be provided to sponsors directly once events are planed.  We strive to conduct 1 to 2 events each year focusing on the Health and Beauty Industry.  Stay connected for upcoming events.

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Contact each sponsor individually to learn more of the services offered.  We recommend that you provide reviews of our sponsors excellent services to expand awareness of services throughout the great state of Colorado.


Korgan Enterprises

About us:

We are a multi-level 21st century business focusing in the areas of business and management consultant services, mediation services, media services, construction services, and event planning productions allowing businesses to become self-sustainable.

Our core principles focus on awareness, integrity, loyalty, and corporate social responsiveness to the needs of our client base.  

Strategic mobile utilization is a key component allowing our client base from all over the world to receive high quality products and services at competitive prices with dynamic results.  

Understanding key components such as business infrastructure, dispute resolution protection, tax accountability, digital marketing, and a variety of other services will allow your business to be self-sustaining and protected.  

If you are envisioning your business and awaiting conception or have years of business presence in your community contact our offices today for a free consultation.  

Refuse business failure due to unawareness that is preventable.

Save thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary expenses as you understand platforms that allow your business to grow while utilizing technology in the 21st Century.

We are a Colorado based company focusing on establishing effective collaboration and networking opportunities with multiple businesses and organizations throughout our great state of Colorado.  We are committed to be a flag ship model of business integrity that will not only reach our great state of Colorado, but also be a flag ship model to other communities across the United States of America.

We look forward to serving your business needs and experiencing first hand how our offices are dedicated to serving the needs of our communities.

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Colorado Business Growth through Sponsorship Adds

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is crucial for any businesses continued successes.  Let us collaborate on effective measures to increase your businesses service to your client base.  Email for digital advertising opportunities. 

Example of business sponsorship.  Let our great state know about your wonderful services to our great state.


Conaway Insurance

Conaway Insurance

Conaway Insurance


At Conaway Insurance we’ve been helping Aurora residents protect their families and assets for more than 25 years with 5 star reviews. To find out more about our services, click on the picture above. We look forward to gaining your trust and business. We offer bilingual services.

  You can also visit the following links for more information:

Korgan Mediation

Conaway Insurance

Conaway Insurance


 We are dedicated to successful mediation where all parties involved will be able to speak their dispute and resolution requests.  We are dedicated to successful results under unfavorable conditions. 

Contact our offices today.


YouTube Channel: 

Youth of America

Conaway Insurance

Youth of America


On-Line Mobile Youth Center

 Collection of online resources designed to Educate, Equip, and Empower the Youth of America to become the next leaders of today. 


Korgan Productions

Youth of America


 Establishing stronger communities one family at a time!  Stand with our U.S.A. initiative. 

Korgan Productions

Korgan Productions

Korgan Productions


We have you covered from Quinceañera to weddings from baby showers and gender reveal parties to graduation!

 We provide production in the areas of entertainment such as but not limited to music, sports, performing arts, interactive arts, new media art, film, television, radio, website and video.  We are assured to establish an production that is second to none with your audience raving for your next event. 


Korgan Media

Korgan Productions

Korgan Productions


Our objectives:

 Innovative outlets maximizing communication media and specialized mass media communication business on a variety of platforms while providing solutions to our clients.    

Media clip: 


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All participants release Korgan Enterprises/, its agents, personals, associate, and other associates of any liability, injury, or unpleasant experience as all guests enter into a business transaction individually with providers on this website.  Any illegal activity violating Colorado Law will not be tolerated and providers will be terminated indefinitely from this website.  All treatment is professional.  Inappropriate behavior not tolerate.

Korgan Enterprises

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