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A Conscious Awakening Producing Value:

As we enter into a new decade the importance of bring value to both our clients and community will be a key component for any businesses growth and success.  Our goal is to provide quality services that focus on the customer, community, and culture of our great state of Colorado.

  • Mission – Establish a variety of platforms for our audience to be engaged, informed, and aware of excellent services offered by our providers.   Content with Substance produces sustainability.  

Partnerships -  We are building a network of partnerships that will allow our initiative to be a flagship for the Health and Beauty Industry that will be unmatched in the quality of services offered and experienced by our audience.

We thank you for your consideration of partnering with our efforts.  Stay connected for unmatched quality and opportunities.

Creative & Informative Content:

We strive to bring unmatched value to our clients and community.  Stay connected for more exciting and innovate products engineered for success.  





Your body is designed to heal itself if properly maintained.  We selectively partner with businesses who provide excellent services to their client base.   We welcome you.





Being socially conscious of a lifestyle of healthy regimens proves to establish the foundation for longevity and success.  We welcome you.





 When your inner being feels at peace you begin to embark on new journeys of enlightenment designed with purpose and fulfillment.  We welcome you.

Restaurant Edition

As we begin marketing for local restaurants in Aurora and Denver, Colorado we look forward to visiting your area of service.

Special Pricing is now FREE for 2 months

We wish all a save and speedy recovery.  Email our offices the following:


Email the following;

1. Logo;

2. Store hours, address, and contact information.

3. Any social media links such as FB, YT, or IG.

4.  Open to all businesses not just restaurant's open for pick up order.

Together we will rise through effective collaboration.

El correo electrónico lo siguiente;

1. Logotipo;

2. Almacene horas, dirección e información de contacto.

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Colorado Health and Beauty Info is going to revolutionize the digital marketing platform for the Health and Beauty Industries.  

Strategic Add Placement – We have strategically prepared outlets designed to bring awareness of your services.

Strategic Membership Benefits – Those who sign up for our annual 1 year paid membership will receive special promotions and significant discounts on available booth space for our events throughout the year.  We will have annual Health and Beauty Expo designed with purpose of business growth and awareness.  Our members will have unique discounts on a variety of services with other providers as we prepare for our official launch.

Strategic Social Media Platforms – Those who sign up for our annual 1 year paid membership will receive special ad placement of your services on a variety of digital marketing platforms.  Special reviews, interviews, testimonials, and other exciting media content will be available for our members who sign up before our official launch.

Limited Time Offer –  As we brand Colorado with this dynamic and innovative digital platform you can be assured that the price to advertise for 15 months for $555 will increase tremendously.  

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  1. Up to 1 minute video posted to your YouTube channel + Art Channel posting;
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  4. Other avenues of advertisement available.  

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All participants release Korgan Enterprises/Korgan Media/, its agents, personals, associate, and other associates of any liability, injury, or unpleasant experience as all guests enter into a business transaction individually with providers on this website.  Any illegal activity violating Colorado Law will not be tolerated and providers will be terminated indefinitely from this website.  All treatment is professional.  Inappropriate behavior not tolerate.

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